Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fashion steal of the week!

I always want to be on-trend with the latest fashion but need to do it on a fairly tight budget. While I love owning labels, anything I have was almost certainly picked up on a good sale. I'm going to let you know my best buy each week. Here' s last week's steal:

Maxi dress from Crossroads: $20 (on sale).

I love this mostly black dress (with some orangey-red paisley patterning), it's made of a stretchy comfortable fabric and is a flattering cut on my cello-shaped figure. Trinny and Suz would be proud! I wore it to church on Sunday with a black singlet underneath to make sure it was modest, paired with flat leather thongs. I've wanted a maxi dress for a loooooong time but found it pretty hard to get a cut that suited my figure (being big up top) and my budget!

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