Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guilty or not?

I'm sitting here with a daytime soap on TV in the background. The lounge room floor is littered with toys and the air conditioning is running... and the baby is asleep. The kitchen's a mess and the dishwasher needs emptying, a huge pile of baby clothes needs folding and my dressing table needs a serious declutter... but I'm tired as usual.

Every day at this time I face the same dilemma - go for it around the house, or sit down and take a small amount of me-time? Either direction can produce good results, but I feel so guilty if I stop too often... after all I'm home full-time so the house should be sparkling and all the washing, cooking and organisation up to date, right?

I've got to sort this out, I can't keep bluffing my way through with no order to my weeks, so I'm going to give RLO's a shot - rostered lunch breaks off! I'm going to try having Tuesday and Thursday lunchbreaks as guilt-free break time to shamelessly do whatever I enjoy for the entire time the baby sleeps. Then the other weekdays I'll go for it and get as much done as possible with the lure of my RLO tomorrow... I'll let you know how it goes in a few days...

1 comment:

  1. Well I've got to say that this has already been a great success!! On my RLO's I have been putting my feet up while my son is asleep and feeling guilt-free about enjoying every moment. On my other week days I've gone on with my work like a busy little bee, knowing that tomorrow I would get to do whatever I please...