Monday, May 11, 2009

All New: First Birthday, Dedication and Mother's Day!

Wow, we have had a busy few weeks in the nearlySuper household!! We were hard at work preparing for SuperBaby's first birthday and dedication. We held it in a local park with shelters and play equipment, and it was a lovely afternoon.

In previous churches we've attended, the baby dedications were held in the service and we naturally assumed the same would be true at our current church. Not so - dedications are done en mass on Mother's Day and Father's Day, or individually by arrangement after a service in the church cafe or at a private party. As we didn't want our first child dedicated en mass and none of our family or close friends goes to our church or even lives nearby, we opted to dedicate our son at his first birthday party. This worked out pretty well as most of our nearest and dearest were there to celebrate both special occasions with us.

party menu
*mini sandwiches
*savoury zucchini slice mini muffins
*mini chocolate crackles
*mini iced cupcakes
*chips and lollies
*soft drinks, water, cordial

I planned a fairly simple party menu and a friend shared the catering with me. Another friend arrived on the morning of the party armed with cake decorations and proceeded to guide and assist me so I ended up with a fabulous birthday cake of which I was really proud! She also stayed on and alongside my Mum finished the last minute catering for me. Down at the park, we hung a few decorations around the shelter and tied a helium "1" balloon to fly up above the roof. The kids played on the nearby play equipment while the adults chatted and ate. Our pastor did a lovely dedication and prayed for us and then we sung Happy Birthday and blew out the candle. Then I opened the presents while my sister-in-law put overtired Mr 1 to sleep in his pram.

I found the park venue really easy to manage with lots of kids and it meant my own home was neat and tidy and if we felt up to it we could invite folks back, or just go home... As it turned out, almost my entire family and one set of dear friends came back and we got Indian for dinner. It was a lot of fun but the nearlySuper family was exhausted by the time the last party goers left at around 9.45pm!

The next morning (yesterday) was my first Mother's Day. Last year I missed out by only 2 days and I was feeling very large and uncomfortable on the day, not to mention emotional! This year I enjoyed the day immensely as nearlySuperDad made sure I was truly spoilt! I had a sleep in while my boys jumped in the car and picked up fresh flowers and Mcbreakfast which they brought me in bed. Then they gave me gifts - a cloud-soft pink fluffy gown from my son and 2 CDs and a DVD that I'd been hankering for from hubby - what a haul! There was also a touching Mother's Day service at my church so it was a great day. We even had a recovery sleep in the afternoon - aaah, bliss.

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  1. Sounds like a nice!

    I have been checking out your blog since I've come to find out about it :). I love your bargain fashion stuff! And, I liked your post below about you love how you parent (cloth diapers & homemade baby food), but don't mind what others do either...great thoughts!