Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting crafty - my first sewing project

A couple of weeks ago I attempted my very first sewing project - an apron. I purchased an "Apron in an Hour" kit from Made by Miffy at the Stitches and Craft show. I was skeptical about the 'hour' but managed completion in 1.5 hours - not bad for a first attempt at sewing!

I enjoyed the experience so much I am now making my 2nd apron. After browsing some great books and with the prompting of my Mum, a sewer from way back, I've decided to make this one a bit differently, rounding the corners and adding a frill. I hope it works and will post you a photo when it's done!

I love sewing! I fought it for so long, believing my "stinkin' thinkin' " that I would be really bad at it and now that I've started (nearlySuperDad bought me a sewing machine for my 30th late last year) I'm not sure why I waited so long.

It is great for me to exercise my patience and go a bit slower to end up with a good quality end product. Also hubby is delighted that my machine is seeing the light of day. I guess he feels it was worth purchasing! Next I'll want (need) an overlocker...

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