Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm back - with good news!

Wow, it's been a few weeks since I've posted and during that time I've felt pretty rotten! You see I'm expecting our second child - due next February, and I've been going through morning sickness for a couple of weeks - yuck! I agree with all the other women who think it should be called "all day sickness" - mine lasts from waking until bedtime everyday, mostly making me feel too rotten to do anything but the essentials. One surprising thing I have noticed is that if I make a little effort and get out of the house, the distraction helps a bit and I forget how I'm feeling for a little while.

Mostly I just can't be bothered and Mr 1 has had more days at home in a row than he's had in a long time. Not that that's a bad thing, but he does get a bit bored. And he's walking now, really walking, not just a couple of steps, but the length of the house a few times over! My little person totters along with his arms out to the sides, chattering away in baby talk. NearlySuperDad has commented that Mr 1 suddenly turned into a little person. I think he was in there all along, but now we can see him a bit clearer.

Anyway, back to me - I mean the pregnancy! I wanted to share with you that we are so delighted that we fell pregnant right away with baby number 2. It was a long road with Mr 1, it took 2 years from when we started trying to conceive, and then it was on medication. Our gynecologist tested us but could find no medical reason for us not to conceive. She said it was "spontaneous infertility" and wouldn't necessarily occur next pregnancy. Nevertheless, this time around I was not getting my hopes up at all, and I had prepared myself for another journey. Imagine our surprise when it all happened immediately! We are delighted to have another baby, the kids will be 21 months apart and hopefully great friends.

I think all conception stories are absolutely miraculous and great, would you like to share yours? Add a comment...


  1. Praise God for the new little life growing inside you!!! I fell pregnant very easily with both of my children - it was getting them out that was the drama...

    Praying that the all-day-sickness passes soon, and that you'll glow from the inside out :)

  2. Congratulations nearlysupermum.

    I am very happy for you.

    I hope the "all-day-sickness" eases up soon.