Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot in the City!

We have been experiencing a glorious mini-heatwave! It is still winter here but the mercury has soared and today in my town it reached a whopping 36 degrees! Woo hoo!

To put my excitement into perspective, this is the first winter my family has experienced since we moved to our new town last spring. We expected it might be a little colder here, but soon realised we had underestimated the chill. On top of the colder weather, we also had a quite a few weeks of bad health and I had morning sickness - altogether a winter I'd rather forget!

You can imagine my absolute delight when the weather forecasters predicted this break from the cold, and I certainly was not disappointed. In fact 36 degrees feels very hot after months of maximum temperatures at least 10 degrees lower and minimums in single digits.

I noticed Mr 1 was not handling the heat as he became quite irritable and drank heaps of water, so we stayed inside and turned on the airconditioning to keep our cool. We spent half an hour outside at 4.30pm this afternoon, where it was still a steamy 29 degrees.

There's a few more hot days predicted in the next week, then it's back to the reality of cooler days, at least for a few weeks. Bring on Spring!


  1. Only problem was... I didn't have any shorts the right size for my little man to wear in this weather! LOL

  2. Luckily for me, my tiny Mr 1 still fits into some of his shorts from last summer, and I had stocked up on some end of season bargains... Working on fattening him up real quick though ;-)