Monday, September 7, 2009


Last week nearlySuperDad's work took him interstate for 4 days, so I decided to take Mr 1 for a mini-break at my in-laws place. Mr 1's grandparents live only 1 hour away in my old stomping grounds, but it was a pleasant break from the humdrum of everyday life.

We packed the car early Monday morning and dropped nearlySuperDad and his work colleague at the airport, then headed off for our holiday. What fun it was not to have to do (much) housework and to share Mr 1's routine with his grandparents for a few days.

I got to catch up with family and friends and go shopping, sometimes with my son and sometimes without! Mr 1 got the chance to explore a new home and garden for a few days and his grandparents enjoyed having him around immensely.

It was a lot of fun and I can thoroughly recommend a local mini-break to any Mum who needs a little time-out from the home routine.

Have you taken a similar mini-break? I'd love to hear your experiences...

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