Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lessons I'm Learning - Online Shopping

Recently I've started doing more of my shopping online. I've tried out buying various clothes, groceries and gifts online, with varying degrees of success.

When it comes to buying for myself, I tend to get caught up in the frenzied feeling of the word "SALE"! This innocent word has been known to make me purchase all manner of items I would otherwise disregard, in the name of getting a bargain.

I think I may have stumbled on an antidote: as I begin to feel excited trawling through yet another online sale site, adding various items of interest to my shopping basket, I ask myself a few key questions which assist me in weeding out the perceived bargains from the genuinely useful clothes, accessories, etc. that scream "Buy!" at me:

1. If this item was not on sale, would I be attracted to it? (colour, shape, pattern, style, etc.)
2. Is this item something I've previously identified as a need?

I've found these two questions filter my purchases very well, and my latest shipment of clothes has delighted me, rather than disappointing me.