Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Figure my shape

It's been nearly a year since I had the baby. One year to stand back and see what that miracle did to my body... I've been taking stock of it lately and I've got to admit, it's not all that bad!

I'm definitely rounder and spongier than before, and I've got a mummy-tummy that likes to bulge over any pair of pants with a waist lower than my belly button. Also my joints have a tendency to be sore and and my cycle came back less manageable than before...

But I've decided not to worry too much, I'm hoping to have another little one in the near future so I don't see the point in killing myself getting a super figure back just yet! I'm a few kilos heavier than I was when I fell pregnant with my first, nothing too drastic...

I'm actually looking forward to the return of rosy clear skin and shiny bouncy hair which was a lovely bonus last pregnancy!

Now, about my wardrobe at the moment: I think I need to clear out anything that's more than slightly tight on me. In the past when my weight has fluctuated, I've kept any clothing that was in good condition in smaller sizes, intending to wear it once my weight dropped. The reality is that when I do get back into the smaller clothes they are inevitably not the current style! I've learnt that unless a piece of clothing in a smaller size is an absolute classic, don't bother keeping it!

As usual, the types of clothes that suit my size 12 cello shape are: v necked and deeper round tops, crossover tops and dresses, wider legged and boot-legged pants, and A-line skirts and dresses which skim over my thighs and round bottom, and end knee length or lower.

I've been trying to buy all my wardrobe in these shapes lately, I think mostly I've made good decisions, I've certainly been more conscious of what certain shapes of clothes do to my figure.

Parenting decisions

Long before my little one came along, I was dreaming of being a mummy. As a young girl, my parents nicknamed me "Mother Number 2" for my involvement with my brothers. I've wanted to be a mum for as long as I can remember. Since having my son, some of my choices have reflected my younger dreams of what mothering my children would look like.

My bub wears cloth nappies. Not the old-fashioned terry towelling squares my mum used, but modern fitted, adjustable size nappies (Happy Heinys) which can be thrown into the washing machine and then the dryer. I always wanted to do cloth nappies. I have compromised some on my original dream: bub wears the cloth nappies at home and for short trips out, but on longer trips and when I haven't quite got to the laundry he wears disposables. I am happy with this decision and it works really well in our home.

My bub eats homemade food. Every main he has ever eaten was cooked in my kitchen, and quite a few sweets and treats come out of Mum's Diner too. I always wanted to cook my baby's food. He has a diagnosed food allergy which limits what packaged food I can give him, but I was cooking for him before that was an issue. It is extra work making his food, but I like him eating my tasty nutritious food. Soon he will move onto modified versions of nearlySuperDad's and my mains and that will be less work!

I've noticed that quite a few Mums around me make comments after seeing my son in cloth nappies or eating food out of a home container. They volunteer reasons why they use disposables or jar food. I can tell you that my choices in these and other areas are personal. I made them from my perspective on motherhood. I don't really mind what choices other Mums are making, and I am certainly not judging them. I'm just mothering the way I want to, and I'm enjoying it a lot.

I'd love to hear your comments!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fashion steal of the week!

I'm getting in early this week because I doubt any of my other purchases are going to top this! I was shopping in Myer@Northlakes yesterday and happened to spot a pair of jeans marked down to a ridiculously low price... but they are for nearlySuperDad (I guess I can't get every bargain for myself!).

Men's Lee Riders Darkwash Slouchy Jeans: $15 - Myer

The jeans were on a sale table marked at $60 but then discounted by a further 75%! Needless to say, notoriously-not-into-fashion-nearlySuperDad is pretty chuffed with his new duds.

Keeping up?

Wow, I've had such a busy few weeks... and my home shows it! I've been doing my best to keep up with the housework as per my schedule, and to keep the meals on track with our roster, but add a sick baby, a lot of errands, some holidays and a days of (much-needed) rain to any week and something has to give!

I'm having to let some stuff slip and just do the most urgent... and nearlySuperDad is helping me out by picking some of the simpler dinners to make and doing the groceries before work - what a lifesaver!!

I'm not going to worry too much, I've already done 2 of my 7 loads of washing for today (and I'm really hoping the construction work behind my home doesn't cause dust) and I'm wanting to spend as much of the day as possible at home... I might even get dinner on before nearlySuperDad arrives home (surprise!).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fashion steal of the week!

I had a very quiet shopping week for myself this week because I was pretty busy doing other things, like visiting with friends, etc... Nearly SuperBaby did ok though, he got a great winter wardrobe top up from Target and Myer (25% off most full-priced baby brands!). The only piece I bought was a pretty "boho luxe" top I picked up during a trip to Toowoomba for Easterfest.

Gauzy red and grey paisley top: $15 - Cotton On

This top is cute and I'll be able to put a longer sleeved top underneath, perfect for change of season dressing. I'm planning on teaming it with my favourite Lee Riders jeans. Now I need some patent(?) wedge shoes (I noticed those in my latest Shop Til You Drop) or some wedge boots (they seem to be around too)... I guess these need adding to my wishlist!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fashion steal of the week!

Well this week the final price of my steal amazed even me! I picked up these boots thinking they were a great price at $49.95, but when nearlySuperDad (aka hubby) came out of the store with the receipt (he bought 2 great pairs of mens shoes at half price) they were a lot cheaper again...

Knee-high flat brown leather Skechers boots: $19.50 - Skechers outlet, DFO Jindalee

This meant I had an altogether fab shopping trip, because I also picked up 4 jumpers for $10 each - 1 @ Myer Indooroopilly on the "75% off marked down price" rack, and 3 @ Just Jeans outlet (DFO Jindalee).